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Our flowering systems are comprised of 78” Max-Power Light Bars, Supplemental Lights, Control Panel, Spectraflux (a highly reflective room liner) and an SSU Meter (a tool used to measure light radiance allowing the user to adjust lights and/or plants for maximum results.) The Spectraflux and SSU meter are specifically designed and only carried by Green Fusion LED.

Our vegetative systems utilize 78" Max-Power Vegetative Light Bars. The 78" and 48" Sidelights can be used as an alternative vegetative system and double as additional lighting in your flowering room. Selection is dependent on the spacing between the light fixtures and spacing from the light fixtures to the plant canopy.

Our packages consist of everything you will need for success including the small things like cords, timers, and a live support team!

Robust system

everything you need with the durability you want.


We adhere to the Hunter S. Thompson Quote "Anything worth doing, is worth doing right." At Green Fusion LED we use only the finest industrial-strength materials. Our metal casings are sourced from local metal fabricators and colored by local powder coaters. We have chosen these companies based on standard and quality. Our power supplies are top-of-the-line and designed with our system in mind for efficiency and practicality. With high-quality silver wire bringing the fixture together, we trust our systems will stand up to the test of time. Our components are handcrafted and rigorously tested every step to ensure the best quality product from start to finish. Our products have a lifespan of 20+ years being built with only superior materials, ensuring your investment has longevity. 



The Green Fusion LED horticulture light system and our proprietary LED Lighting Protocol (LLP) utilizes extended spectrum irradiance (beyond PAR) and spectral quality combined with cutting edge optics to provide a boost in photosynthetic rate and overall plant health and performance. Spectral quality (the wavelength composition of light) is critical given that plants use the different wavelengths of light to dictate growth and to drive photosynthesis. 

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We work directly with the LED chip manufacturers and do our own in-house testing to assure we are delivering the highest quality and most accurate lighting spectrum.

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Green Fusion LED utilizes a newly defined unit of measurement known as the Synthetic Spectral Unit (SSU).  SSU is defined as the photon energy irradiance (radiometric flux) or the power per unit area (flux density) for a specific spectral range and specific area of measurement on a planar surface.  Although the SSU is not part of the International System of Units our spectrum expands beyond PAR creating a need for this advanced technology. With the use of our SSU meter the grower is able to accurately measure light radiance allowing adjustments for optimum results. The SSU meter is designed for use only with Green Fusion LED lighting systems.