ssu meter

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Featured above is the Green Fusion LED dynamic spectral distribution

Why not use a standard par meter?

The PAR meters on the market today do not provide an accurate measurement for our LED horticultural lighting system and lighting protocol. Some PAR meters on the market today have a spectral range of 410 to 655nm and some 400 to 700nm. Our LED system spectral distribution extends beyond 700nm and below 400nm.

Another limitation of the PAR meters on the market today is that the measurement is restricted to a small area at one time. The Green Fusion LED SSU light meter is able to measure an area of one linear meter simultaneously using multiple detectors (up to 12 sensors) and displays the proportional light output.

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Model: SSU Meter

Units of Measurement: Synthetic Spectral Units (SSU). A new unit of measurement specifically devised for the Green Fusion LED growing system. The meter is able to read up to 20000 SSU.

Dimensions: Light Probe: L 40" x W 1" x  D.5" with a handle and 5'6" cord. Hand held meter:  L 8" x W 4" x D 1.5" 

Power Usage: 9 volt battery

Weight: 1.45 LB