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The installation of a Green Fusion LED lighting system is much easier than traditional lighting systems and can be set up in as little as one day depending on room size. Staff members work closely with customers to design a layout for the lights as well as the appropriate electrical supply and runs. Green Fusion LED staff will deliver the system in person or via a shipping agent by working with that agent at both pick-up and delivery.


Modular Design

Built to suit. Upgradeable. Future proof.


From home closets to industrial warehouses, our systems are designed to be retrofittable and upgradeable. We have completed precise experiments with the specific positions of our components, allowing your room to evolve into it's perfect form. The light footprint is easily expanded by increasing the spacing of the lights, or including more fixtures. 

As time goes on and LED technology makes leaps and bounds, we may see a significant increase in efficiency in LEDs. As this happens, our fixtures can be refurbished to future standards.

About Maintenance

Designed to Last

The lighting system produced by Green Fusion LED is designed to have a 20+ year operating life. The systems are robustly built allowing for them to be repairable and upgradeable. There are minimal moving parts in the system, but the fans used in cooling the 78" Light Bars need to be occasionally blown out with compressed air or vacuumed to be kept clean, much like what is required with a desktop computer.