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Bringing the solar magic of the sun indoors.

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The Green Fusion LED growing system is not like the rest. We have dialed-in the optimum light spectrum to emulate the light radiation from the sun. The damaging aspects of the Ultra Violet (UV) have been eliminated. This means a safer and more comfortable working environment for humans.  

The exclusion of harmful UV allows plants to thrive to their fullest potential, with vigorous growth previously unseen with High-Intensity Discharge (HID) systems. Plants under Green Fusion LED express their genetics more hardily, resulting in higher yields and improved flavor.


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More than your average grow light system

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We start with only the finest materials based on standards and quality. Our founders are indoor growers, innovators, engineers, and scientists who have put this new technology through precise and rigorous testing. We are consistently researching and developing here at Green Fusion LED. 

Like much of the industry, we have become increasingly conscious of our carbon footprint and related energy consumption. Our products are born from the idea that by using an LED Light Protocol (LLP) energy consumption could be radically reduced while simultaneously improving crop quality and quantity. Throughout manufacturing, our products are tested at every step to ensure consumer satisfaction beyond expectations.

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Green Fusion LED @ 1195 Watts vs. HPS Hood and Ballast @ 1210 Watts             


1200 Watt Comparison

How much can you grow with 1200 Watts?

If you are used to using a High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting system, you know that you are limited in plant proximity.  HID lighting causes many problems due to excessive heat, moisture and harmful UV radiation. With the Green Fusion LED Lighting Protocol (LLP), our lighting spectrum helps to reduce these problems. In fact, the recommended operating temperature for optimal plant yields is 82º to 85ºF at 60% Relative Humidity! 


-Product line-


Green Fusion LED’s Newest Product!


The ALL In One Light: It is built to do it all, from the vegetative state through the flowering state. Ideal for smaller cultivation spaces or grow tents.

The SSU Light Meter: The SSU Meter is a proprietary design made specifically to be used with the Green Fusion LED system. It is used to measure the amount of light radiance that is reaching the plant canopy. This allows the user to adjust the lights and plants for maximum results.

Spectraflux: A special, advanced, highly reflective material that increases the amount of light that your plants can absorb.  

The 78" Maximum power light bar: These are the baseline of our systems. Available with Flowering or Vegetative LEDs, these dimmable light bars produce light wavelengths for optimal growth.


Supplemental lighting: Available in 4 different wavelengths to fill out the additional lighting spectrum. 


Control Panel: The all-in-one system control box complete with 4 timer controlled circuits.


The Universal Power Supply: The power for side-lighting, available in 2 and 4 dimmable circuits.


The Sidelights: Suitable for many different phases of growing cycles. Available in 48" and 78" lengths.


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Healthy & Safe

Happy plants. Happy humans.

  • Energy consumption can be reduced by up to 50% 
  • Improved plant yields and quality
  • Harmful aspects of the Ultra Violet (UV) Spectrum have been eliminated 
  • No appreciable heat gain from LEDs thereby significantly reducing HVAC load 
  • Healthier for people and plants
  • Energy Efficiency Incentives may be available from local utilities or NGOs