Max-Power Light Bars


Our 78" Max-Power Light Bars are the foundation of our systems. Available with Tri-Band All-in-One LEDs or Vegetative LEDs, these dimmable light bars produce light wavelengths for optimal growth based on the life stage your plants are in. You can grow with the most optimal spectrum for cultivation of any kind.

Model: 78" Max-Power Light Bar

Spectrum Options: Flowering or Vegetative

Lens Options: Focusing Dome or Broadcasting Flat

Price: Flowering or Vegetative - $995

Power Usage: 60-300 Watts (dimmable)

Dimensions: H 4.5” x W 4.5” x L 78”

Daisy Chain: Yes, in combination up to 10 Amps per circuit

Operating Temperature for Optimal Plant Yields: 82º to 85º F at 60% relative humidity

Operating Input Voltage: 110-240 VAC @ 2.5-1.2 Amps

LED Life Expectancy: 20+ Years. Retrofittable. 

Weight: 21.6 Lbs